Technology And Its Impact On Technology

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Have you ever noticed how society always tries to keep up with the latest and greatest trends? From pagers, flip phones, house phones, cassette players, and develop film to voice mails, iPhones, dvd’s, digital cameras and printers are just a few of the many products that over time innovative individuals have evolved and ameliorated. In 2002, the drastic change of technology began to expand and to become more advanced. It was said that the advancements to technology was making everyday life effortless for individuals from communication to entertainment. Without the aid of technology, life would be more laborious because we have become dependent on technology to assist us with various tasks. Technology is also said to have been the bridge in the gap of communication, however, others feel that technology has handicapped its users and caused them to be more dependent upon man-made machinery. Although present technology is different than how it was years ago, there are still many similarities and differences visible. Years ago, we did not have many options, in regards of communication. The primary forms of communication were letters, emails, and house phones. If someone wanted to communicate, and one didn’t have internet, one would have to write a letter, purchase a stamp and send it through the mail. The alternative was email, which is the same as sending a letter, except it is through cyberspace. Wilson 2 A lot of older individuals prefer to send letters or talk on the
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