Technology And Its Impact On Technology Essay

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In today’s society, there have been many speculations on the impact of technology. The rise of technology has unfolded into the betterment of many advances in the industry. However, it is no surprise that these advances have also caused society into depending so much on technology. Author Sherry Turkle, argued that we as a society have distanced ourselves from one another; she discusses her observations drawn from human beings and their interaction with social machines. She indicated that humans rely much more on technology which has negatively impacted the way we communicate with one another. Every individual has their own flaws. In our imperfections, we tend to discriminate among one another, we have preconceived notion based on what we have seen or experienced. Perhaps, there is a say that goes ‘a book should never be judged by its cover ’. In addition to, various studies observed by between robots and children, Turkle implies that robots are slowing replacing humans. As a result of our dependency on technology, humans are failing each other and the constant rise of technology should not be blame for it, as we do have control over some of these issues. In the 1760-1800’s, the first machine age occurred during the industrial revolution. The industrial revolution was transition from a hand labor to a machine labor. The new machines were powered by water, steam and coal. The Industrial revolution marked a very profitable time for many factory owners because, unlike humans
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