Technology And Its Impact On Technology

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In small animal research market, Tiny Imaging company technology is neither disruptive nor sustainable. Though the market is $250 million/yr, there are already existing competitors and the competition is intense as all the human drugs have to pass through the small animals first. Besides, Siemens already have similar prototypes to this technology for different market, but did not proceed in the small animal market, indicating lack of interest for new technology in this market. This market is used to existing methods to quickly pass the clinical trials to push the drugs onto the next level of testing. Their primary concern is not related to researching new drugs with new technology but to test drugs quickly. In large animal research, this technology will be disruptive. The market has already shown interest in the technology and Siemens have sold few of the products based on the similar technology in this market and left the market for two reasons: low market ($50m/yr) and to concentrate more in human medicine. This leaves the gap for smaller company to fill this market. Market interest is high, as most of the researchers need this MRI-PET machine to get their grants and do more research. In human medicine, the combined MRI-PET technology will be sustained. The market is very huge ($1billion+/yr) and Siemens have already announced that it will introduce a product based similar technology. As it involve, human trials, incumbents have advantage over small companies because of
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