Technology And Its Impact On The Business World

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Advances in technology and connectivity have made daily communication and face-to-face interaction possible across international borders and will continue to bring innovation to the business world. The innovation has forever changed the how companies do business and is fully integrating itself into day-to-day operations as well as the lives of employees. Technological advances in the communications field have been rampant and will continue to evolve even the business culture. Technology and communication have a history that dates back to the first telegraph machines to telephones and finally to the rise of the global internet. Humanity has changed immensely during this time as well. Inter-cultural relationships were few and strenuous. With the rise of communication technologies came the emergence of global business. Global business has emerged to make it possible for a person living in Africa to own a handheld device created in Japan. A New York City stock broker can stay informed on an Australian based company he has invested in. As evidenced by the nearly 2 trillion dollars in the global GDP, the technological innovation does not show any signs of slowing down. The advancements from the past century have made communication an economic mainstay rooted in the business world. (Florida Poly Staff) New methods of communication have been created because technology emerges regularly to allow evolution. The emerging technologies include instant video, multi-view
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