Technology And Its Impact On The Classroom

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Technology in Classroom
Ali Boholaiga Kathrine Barrett ELI 084

Technology in Classroom
Technology is all over our minds and concerns whether in regard to social impact, dependency or its use at educational institutions. It is currently the most debated issue in our modern society. Technology, it is believed, will become necessary for our survival in the future. It is the agent who will preserve the human race. The use of technology in classrooms is one example that the future will be better and students will turn out to be multi-dimensional in their thought processes and in the application of knowledge in future. Critics are always there. It is argued that technology in the classroom is a distraction in gaining information from lectures, and it is playing a negative impact on the minds of young generation. Is it really technology which is a source of disruption or is it individually based? A thought which is worth considering! Technology is the faster way to grow the education up in the future.
It seems like there is a war on implementing the use of technology for teaching purpose. Teachers have different perspectives. There are those who are ‘old school’ and prefer delivering verbal lectures in the classroom. For them, the best way to have an attentive child is to keep them far away from distractions. Is this really true? Who can guarantee that a student is 100 percent attentive in class? The teachers complain that the child was found
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