Technology And Its Impact On The Classroom

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Technology in the Classroom
In our progressive society, we are all aware of the development of technology and the effect it has had on daily lives. People use technology as a way to communicate with each other, a form of entertainment, or as a tool to give them instant information at all times. Technology has a significant influence on many different parts of society. Concerning education, certain electronic devices such as computers, smart boards, and tablets assist the learning process for students. However, the issue of technology in education has evolved. Some claim that technology in the classroom has educational benefits, yet others believe this is simply a paradox and that technology creates problems in the classroom. This essay discusses how integrating new technologies in the classroom can be a detriment to the learning process, but also simultaneously can help with the academic achievement of young students.
Despite the benefits, many believe the new use of technology can be a serious detriment to a student’s learning process because new electronic devices have been known to distract students immensely, causing a lack of imagination and short attention spans, according to Esther Dyson (192-194). The rise of technology in school curricula is a significant social problem. He argues that today’s children live in an “environment that often seems to stifle a child’s imagination rather than stimulate it.” The “over-feeding” of information causes children to easily lose
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