Technology And Its Impact On The World

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An entire generation of people have been raised around what can be considered the largest movement in globalisation this world has ever seen. Virtually every part of our daily life has been affected in some way by cultural and economic changes that are driven by advances in technology. Consequently, the world of business and its competitive players are consistently engaging in an evergoing battle to overcome and innovate past their individual competitors in a world market where the opportunities are more boundless than ever. We have seen entirely new industries emerge and others go the way of the dinosaurs. In our toss-up global economy, what are some of the game changers and what adaptations does a firm need to make to survive? Three include, but are not limited to, integration of technology, the comeback of localized economies, and the push for greener business. Digitalization has been the largest forefront of advancements in our current age, even the word itself has nearly become synonymous with “technology” in everyday talk and more journalists are referring to our era as the “digital age” much like how we refer to the industrial age. A comparison between the 8-bit graphics of 1985’s Super Mario Bros. versus the hyper-realism of Madden NFL 2016 tells a story about the monumental advancement in computing power in just thirty years. Consequently, more industries are taking place online and several offline industries are dying out. Blockbuster, a chain of video…
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