Technology And Its Influence Of Technology In Our Society

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We use it every time We ride in a car, every time we message our friends, every time we do anything as small as run a bath. Technology is all around us, being in everything we do today, and technology will continue to be a more influential element in our everyday lives. The rise of technological science has been very beneficial to our society. Of these technologies, one of the most beneficial of these is the rise of the smartphone, this technological advancement has greatly influenced the way we communicate , the way we get information, and even the way that we complete tasks.
Technology has greatly influenced the way that we communicate with each other. The earliest form, and most beneficial is language which is believed to have been in 1700 BCE when the Semites developed the first alphabet. Today you can talk or text someone on the opposite side of the globe without a second of delay, when a few years ago, you would have had to wait a long time for your message to be received. If not, you would have to talk to the person face to face. Some people say that this is making the humans of today more antisocial, and technology reliant, however, this is actually making it easier to stay in touch with people that you would have no way of speaking to if you did'nt message them. Transportation is another great benefit to today’s society, as it has allowed us to travel at amazing speeds, and to get places much faster than we would by foot between trains, planes, bikes, cars, boats,
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