Technology And Learning : Enabling Or Subverting

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Topic Technology and Learning: Enabling or Subverting, Chapter 12 Analysis of Required Reading Position 1: Technology Enables Learning As we employ new technological tools, our views about technology itself change. Advances are being made in areas such as solar energy, radio, television microwave, medical imaging, satellite communication, and laser surgery and our children need to be able to keep up with these and other technological advances now and in the future. After all, technological knowledge is needed in pretty much all modern occupations. In the schools, “Technology demonstrates daily its practical value in classroom instruction, teacher and student research, improved school design and operation, increasing student interest and teacher scope, and interlinking the school and the globe” (Nelson, Palonsky, & McCarthy, 2013, p. 280). Hardly anyone uses chalkboards and textbook anymore, and teenagers, better known as “screenagers”, have a unique relationship with technology with or without it in the classroom. As far as teachers’ roles in the classroom with technology, they are transformed into “guides to the side” using technology for the actual instruction and assessment while they serve as designers and organizers of instructional material, facilitators of the actual learning, and knowledgeable, supportive mentors. Some may doubt the benefits of learning from and with technology, but studies have shown using technology has improved outcomes in cognitive knowledge

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