Technology And Less Officers On The Border

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The United States should try to use more technology and less officers on the border to prevent less deaths. Unlike soldiers who are at times well equipped and armed in tanks, the border patrol officers are in trucks, quads and at times on foot. The border patrol agents are at a big risk while patrolling the border. The Associated Press, in an article for Fox News states, “Twenty-six U.S. Border Patrol agents have died in the line of duty since 2002” (“Border Patrol”). Twenty-six agents have been killed over ten years, it does not seem like a lot but it is. The border patrol officers are not fighting a way, they are not on someone else’s country, and they are on America’s soil and are being killed by criminals. “Brain Terry, 40, died in a…show more content…
From personal experience, a friend of mine whose father worked as a border patrol officer, my friend would say a lot about dealing with scary situations. My friend would mention at times that she families would receive a few anonymous letters, saying how much they hated his father. The notation that border patrol man are bad and that they abuse innocent people is completely wrong but some people believe that. If some people have strong dislike toward border patrol officers, they will seek to make their life as horrible as they can. The unfortunate families that go through the loss of a loved one, are left with sorrow and at times anger. Brain Terry the officer, mention before, was killed by Mexican bandits and whose family has lose trust in the government. Brains uncle, Ralph Terry stated, “The entire Terry Family has experienced a level of ‘trust deficit’ in their government… it hurts to be treated like this and adds insult to injury when the President speaks of phony scandal” (Pavlich). In other words, Terry’s family is upset about some of the President’s remarks about phony scandals dealing with border security, when they are dealing with sorrow from the death of their loved one, Brain Terry. Families like Terry’s and others go through a lot emotions while their loved one is out on the border. The deaths of officers and the struggles of families is a other reason why the United States should decrease the manpower and increase the use of technology. The
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