Technology And Modern Contemporary Schools

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Abstract This reflective essay’s goal is to mirror my opinion regarding the use of technologies in teaching in modern contemporary schools. It describes how technologies help teachers in educational process, in what ways they are useful and beneficial for more effective learning, and what should be done to obtain the best possible results when technologies are implemented. The paper also mentions disadvantages, which may prevent teachers and school administrators from introducing technologies in their teaching, as well as barriers, which should be conquered. The conclusion states that technologies in modern 21st century schools are the necessary, indispensable element of the educational process, and all fears set aside, teachers should aim for making the educational process more interesting, exciting and engaging. In the world where technologies become more and more developed and helpful in many fields of people’s lives it seems natural that their implementation has expanded in the sphere of education. Children obtain access to computers and mobile gadgets in a very young age and no wonder they are familiar with technologies and need them in their everyday life. According to Duncan (2012), technology has become a new platform for students’ learning process, and while schools at present still choose to use or not to use technologies, it is a preference and an advisable strategy. Education becomes more individualized and knowledge – more convenient to
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