Technology And Modern Medicine Has Brought Us The Development Of Telemedicine

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The extraordinary expansion of technology and modern medicine has brought us the development of telemedicine. Telemedicine allows for medical care without the barriers of geographic location. This has led to increased access and convenience for patients nationwide. Historically the state government has led the regulation of medical practice. Despite these advancements state based licensure laws continue to hinder the potential of telemedicine practice. State based licensure limits expansion by forcing physicians to seek multiple licensures to provide care to patients who reside in states where they are not licensed. This system is inadequate to address the emerging needs of the healthcare system especially with recent changes in federal and state laws creating a larger demand for care. Reform of medical licensure laws is desperately needed to ensure that telemedicine is being utilized to its fullest ability and citizens are receiving the care they need. The time has come to consider national licensure and standards for all medical providers.

Telemedicine is defined as the use of medical information exchanged from one site to another via electronic communications to improve a patient’s clinical health status (American Telemedicine Association, 2012). Telemedicine includes an expanding assortment of applications and services that take advantage of video, email, smart phone, wireless tools, and other telecommunication technologies. These types…
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