Technology And New Technology

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New technology, often seen in a negative light by those who fear it will make people mindless, is leading the way for a better and smarter society. Technology has led to new advancements which have improved society in the medical field, education, and travel. These advancements have led to a revolution which has changed society, and life, for the better by improving the economy, the delivery of health care, which has saved many lives as well as improved the level of access, and the quality of education for people of all ages. With technology today, people are able to better plan vacations and how they travel which has lead to a boom to tourist and travel economy. Before easier online access, a person was not always able to compare airline fares or purchase tickets months in advance of travel time at cheaper rates which discouraged airline travel and cost airlines money, leading the economy to encounter a decline. Additionally, people used travel agencies to book hotels whereas now individuals can book a hotel stay with the click of a button. These easy accesses to price rates and the ability to book places to stay has led to an increase in travel. Traveling by car has been made easier as well with navigation tools/maps not only on mobile devices, but installed in the vehicle at the time of purchase. Some of the perks of these devices include the length of drive time, areas of interest, alternate routes to avoid traffic issues, and the number of miles to the next gas
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