Technology And Science Have Changed The Way Society Views

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Technology and science have changed the way society views the future. Reproductive technology, bio-medical technology, and even simple household appliances have changed how people live, think, and interact. According to Science Daily, scientists are researching another technological advancement to look forward to in the future, human genome editing. Human genome editing is a form of genome therapy. Genome Therapy refers to the removal of faulty genes or adding new genes to cure or prevent disease (Placeholder1). This news article, found on multiple sites like Science Daily and The National Academy of Science, explains the guidelines researchers suggest for genome editing. The article also addresses the public 's concern of “enhancement”…show more content…
Per the research report scientists believe the use of genome editing should promote well-being, be transparent, practice due care, practice responsible science, have respects for persons and be fair (Placeholder4). These principles are beneficial to the public in regards to the future fair use of genome editing. Article Analysis Despite the medical and biological benefit of germline genome editing the technique is considered as crossing an “ethically inviolable” line (Placeholder5). The moral issue of germline genome editing remains the same. The public is concerned about ethical, spiritual, and moral implications of genome editing. Public fear of misuse, spiritual objections to interfering with reproduction, and moral disputes about changing a person’s future plague the idea of genetic editing. However, from a Kantian perspective germline genome editing is the best thing for society. Genome editing could eliminate harmful hereditary disease with little to no harm to the embryo. The process of genetic editing, as described in the report, good not only does good but also do good with the end in mind. The process of genome editing respects intrinsic worth by not affecting the embryo’s future physical appearance or characteristic. Genome editing primarily focusses on genes being removed or added are only for the good of the end,
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