Technology And Science More Than World War II

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No other war in history has had such a profound impact on technology and science more than World War II did. There were numerous new scientific principles and inventions that emerged during the war. This includes thing such as the automatic aircraft (which is known today as a cruise missile) and also the ballistic missile (flew into space before falling down on its target). These missiles were later developed and helped launch the first American astronauts to space. Other technological advancements include huge radar improvements, mass production of penicillin, new products, and nutrition advancements of foods. The first practical radar was created in 1935, though it wasn’t until the war that it saw vast improvements. Radars made the concept of a “surprise attack” nearly obsolete. This technology allowed nations to track incoming attacks from air, helped guide their bombers to targets, and directed anti-aircraft guns to aircraft high in the air. By constructing complicated electronics that had to be small and rugged, radar engineers helped set the path for modern technology, such as tv. It also helped create radar navigation, and meteorologists used the technology to help track storms, which helped plan strategic military attacks. During World War II American companies had to convert to create military goods (consumer good manufacture creating surgical instruments, car factories creating tanks and airplanes). Do to this conversions of companies, many Americans faced…
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