Technology And Security Threats At The Murphy's Law And Risk Assessment

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When it comes to technology and security threats, the employees working with information systems and technology have a great weight on their shoulder. It is their job to create mitigation plans to reduce risk exposure, so a company can have a quick recovery if something unforeseen were to arise. They have the role of designing, provisioning, and executing these recovery plans to keep the company from major failures. Some ways risks can be mitigated are by the Murphy’s Law and risk assessment, backup/recovery, disaster recovery, and business continuity plans.
When looking at the Murphy’s Law and risk assessment, it states that “anything that can go wrong, will go wrong”. Meaning that it is our job to be aware of the potential risks and
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With periodic backups, this allows for data to be automatically stored and pulled when needed.
Disaster Recovery “covers situations where a potion or all of a data center is lost. This is planning and preparation for the restoration of services that have a wider impact than just a single service.” (McBride) Disaster recovery not only incorporates the backup and recovery processes, but also looks at prioritizing. I/S people must know which services to restore first due, including off-site facilities, and have detailed planning. Companies often invest in resources, planning, training and periodic testing’s in case such an issue were to arise. Business Continuity plans also incorporate things from Murphy’s Law and Risk assessment, Backup/Recovery and Disaster Recovery plans, but looks deeper into the company as a whole and understands the process that allows the business to operate.
Business Continuity “covers scenarios of the loss of buildings, sites or other key operational business elements and involves people, process and technology. These plans involve the highest levels of leadership and require investment in many resources so that we can have everything from servers to sticky notes in place if needed.” (McBride) Each of these plans provide an important element when it comes to risks that an I/S person may face and need to eliminate. It’s important for them to understand each possible risk, and analyze the best
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