Technology And Social Change : Technology

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Introduction to Technology and Social Change As human beings we strive to push forward to continuously make changes to our way of living. The way society and the advancement of technology it is almost impossible not to want to even keep up at the rate things progress. To further discuss this topic technology is the invention of tools and techniques. Technological change is the invention of a technology, the continuous process of improving technology throughout society. Society is the grouping of people through social relations. Social change is the progress or alteration of social order. Technology shapes society and social change drives technology. Technology and social change work together in a sense, technology and society are constantly progressing because of one another. Technology has a huge effect on the way we live for various reasons. It is really hard to say rather technology hinders and is helpful in the world we live in today. Furthermore, in this paper I will continue to discuss the the advantages and disadvantages of technology in society dealing with social change, technological change, and the future of technology and will conclude with the impact technology has made on society in my personal opinion. Social Change There are many social theories that have been put together by philosophers and theorists over the years. Neil Postman, a 20th c. philosopher provided that technology changes the way we talk, the way we live, and the way we think. The
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