Technology And Social Media Has Changed Our Lives

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What does technology mean to you? I believe that technology is a tool that should be integrated into our society to cultivate the future and resemble the past; it has become such an integral part of our community today that living without it creates a feeling of loneliness. “Technology and Social Media has brought power back to people” (Mark McKinnon). Nowadays, technology has exceeded expectations of people, such as a robot can mow a lawn, clean house, take you to parts of the world without even visiting, is mesmerizing. I am one of the many students who did not get an early exposure to technology, and I repent that every day, as they say, that a child can learn, however many things he wants until seven years of age because his mind is an…show more content…
Teachers need to understand that making kids memorize material will not develop the skills necessary for them in the future workforce. A computer science faculty and a graduate student at the University of Georgia, Karen Aguar, has created a website called SAIL, which integrates the different subjects across the UGA campus. The website is designed to track your progress, watch pre-made videos on the topics, do exercises on based on your interest. Partaking in this new research, I have realized that the future of technology-driven education is improving and it is created to adapt to student’s interest. As Marc Prensky stated, “Technology would be introduced from the start as a “thinking extender” through tools like simulation that show students the consequences of their actions in a variety of contexts and circumstances.” In addition, the use of technology has made a great impact on students not only in America but worldwide. The results that Khan Academy has produced by collaborating with the College Board for SAT studying and videos is astonishing. The College Board president states, if a student watches videos through Khan Academy for 20 hours, then, he can score 115 average points higher than the student studying through the books. With developing technology apps are creating a platform to change the outlook of education with new and creative projects to help the students,
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