Technology And Suicides

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Technology is very common amongst this generation. It has everything to do with anything that we do nowadays. It has had positive affects on us and some negative affects, but i don't think that would stop anybody from having a cell phone, or an iPod or a computer. Cell phones have made a negative affect on certain people's lives. Everywhere we go there is a cell phone in someone's hand. Some are on the phone twenty four seven. Their eyes are glued to their phone and they don't realize it. Anything could possibly happen, and they wouldn't know. Before, generations only had cell phones for emergency's, but that is not the case now. People don't talk in person like that anymore. Cell phones and computers have taken over and people don't understand that.…show more content…
Doing homework, looking up music, shopping on websites, anything basically. Everything is fine until you get on social media. Facebook, Twitter, whatever the case may be, but people bully. They use the Internet as their advantage to bring someone down, to tease someone and tell them how ugly or stupid they may be. That's not fair to nobody. Suicides happen everyday because of someone going on the Internet and posting something horrible about another person. Think, that's all people have to do, is think. Think about how the family of that person may be feeling. No mother or father should be grieving over their child's death. People believe that technology is a gift, they believe that it's the best thing that has ever happened. That is fine, some people may not go through so much dealing with technology. Some just as lucky as others. But cell phones or computers shouldn't be the reason for anything that has gone bad. Cell phones and computers were not invented to be a negative outcome in this generation. They were made for our entertainment, they were made so we could have something to do, so communication would be easier, but people have made it into something so different. It shouldn't be anybody's first
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