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Technology has been a major topic in today’s century and has brought many questions into mind. This generation is based on the latest gadgets that everyone is eager to buy each year, either for themselves or their children. But is all this technology benefiting or damaging families is the real question that this essay will discuss. Technology has been a part of the lives of families in the past century or so. New technology has been created for the entertainment or the usefulness in peoples lives, such as televisions, tablets, phones, and so on. Some main benefits that technology is known to brought is educational programs and easier way to manage one’s health. Some damages that can bring to a family would be that technology can create a…show more content…
Radesky, Schumacher, and Zuckerman (2015) mentioned that technology has made it easier for parents to show kids introduce healthy programs online or through apps. Gadgets such as phones and tablets promote apps that are educational for children. These educational apps maintain a child engaged and improve their literacy skills by showing them easy to read books. Parents that have trouble engaging their children in educational forms, tend to seek technology because children tend to be more interested and eager to learn more thorough a touch screen. Also this programs use different methods to keep toddler interesting in learning by providing colorful backgrounds and catchy songs. Some damges that technology introduces to families would be that technology is being used as a form of distraction from the real world. People are now spending more time looking at a screen than interacting with family members. Radesky, Schumacher, and Zuckerman (2015) mentioned that touchscreen gadgets has been becoming a distraction for little children, since parents have found it easier to calm down their children by given them the phone or a tablet. Also, things such as television has been keeping children form doing outside activities and has stopped them from interacting with other people and would just prefer to be on the screen. When families are introduced to advanced technology it tends not to become helpful to them at all. Gadgets tends to restrain people form performing everyday

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