Technology And Technology Essay

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In today's society, technology surrounds and is consistently affecting us. Due to the internet's presence, it is crucial to consider its advantages and disadvantages in order to come to a conclusion on its impacts on our intelligence, which is defined via Webster dictionary as “the capacity for learning.” Although the presence of technology has lowered abilities required to recite specific facts relating to significant events, the net has allowed for users to begin thinking more deeply than before. The net increases a person's intelligence through establishing and strengthening new ways of thinking. According to Jamais Cascio, the author of the article, “Get Smarter”, “creating material is nearly as easy as consuming it.” This demonstrates how much information can be accessed on the internet, which some may argue can be distracting. However, due to the amount of information on the net, consumers are using their fluid intelligence, which is “the ability to find meaning in confusion and to solve new problems”, in order to find meaning in the information provided. Building this element of a person's intellect will “improve the capacity to think deeply” for consumers of technology, needed in order to sort through the amount of data available on the internet in order to form an understanding on a topic through using the net. A more specific example of the internet having a positive impact on users’ ways of thinking can be seen through the video games, which many think are simply

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