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Influences of Technology In today's society, almost everything within our daily lives can be tracked on social media. Whether it's taking a big trip, or maybe a new family member that was born, more than likely it's on social media. People in today’s world are dependant on technology and social media. Social media sites were made to create communities that brings people with common interests together instead of being a place to rant about your personal issues. While the original idea of this was good, several negative outcomes have resulted. Social media sites such as Facebook have created an environment that makes everyone act how others want them to act. Social media sites are not beneficial to the community they serve, and overall are a nuisance within today's world and today's community. All three of these essays talk about seeing and the new influences of technology influence our sight more than they ever had. In July of 2015, there were two point three billion active social media users worldwide. The total worldwide population at the time was seven point three billion. Both of these numbers will most likely grow in the years to come(Smith). Social media sites can be described as a contact zone. In her essay Arts of the Contact Zone, Mary Louise Pratt describes a contact zone as a place “where cultures meet, clash, and grapple with each other.”(319). Pratt explains that contact zones are important because it allows people to take in new perspectives. One example that

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