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INTRODUCTION: Educators are also worried about the advancement of technology. Ms. Hope Molina-Porter is an English teacher at Troy High School in California. She has many concerns about how technology is contributing to their education. She ¨teaches accelerated students, but has noted a marked decline in the depth and analysis of their written work¨ (Ritchel). She is worried about how technology has affected their learning styles and how accommodating to their shorten attention spans may make the problem worse. In a Pew survey, ¨roughly 75% of the 2,462 teachers surveyed said that the Internet and search engines had a mostly positive impact on the student research skills¨ (Ritchel). Teachers have very mixed feelings on the impact of technology among children and teenagers. Technology has changed the way we do things in numerous ways. It has changed our outlook on life. Although, early exposure to the media has caused many problems in our youth. In 2013, ¨71 percent of the U.S. population age 3 and over used the Internet¨ (National Center for Education Statistics). However, technology also proves to make things easier and connects people from all over the world. Technology has impacted different age groups in different ways. With fast growing technology, it has affected brain development. The following essay provides current information on what research informs us about the impacts of technology on infants’ social skills, language development, and learning; followed by

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