Technology And Technology Essay

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Cally Shoffner
Prof. Schneller
14 November 2017
The Future of Work Innovation is the act of introducing something new; this could be an idea, a method, or a device. Innovation happens every day and if you pay attention you will see it all around you. With some new technology we as a people have to ask if it’s ethical, socially acceptable, or sustainable because sometimes the boundaries tend to get pressed. These questions can apply to every invention or discovery known to mankind. Not all of the latest and greatest become big news buzzing your ears with social media wars, picketing, or even rioting but they all have a life span as technology advances and humans continue to push the limits. The advancements are designed to help people not only do the simplest of tasks but at times extend to perform the greatest of tasks. There is one major driver of change that is transforming the future of work and that is the upsurge of smart machines. The rise of smart machines will lead to significant changes to how work is organized and how we complete work tasks. “A smart machine is a device embedded with machine-to-machine (M2M) and/or cognitive computing technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning or deep learning, all of which it uses to reason, problem-solve, make decisions and even, ultimately, take action.” (Rouse) Smart machines are actually defined as machine learning, artificial intelligence, robotics and other forms of automation. Advancements

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