Technology And Technology Essay

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Technology: positives towards education
The new and recent technological advances are taking a huge growth to new and bigger heights in the world .From computers to laptops to supercomputers, technology is not resting for a single day. Now the impact of technology has been in the educational environments such as schools, classrooms and so much more. It has given students, teachers, and staff access to new and higher resources than ever, but the question is whether this huge growth has made a positive impact? In the essay “How Google Is Making Us Smarter” by Carl Zimmer, he gives examples and an explanation on how we as people have adapted to the internet so much that we’re like cyborgs, also the improvements and results made from it. Another article titled “Technology: Using Power for Good” by Hansdeep Singh, Jaspreet Singh, and Linda Raftree talks about how technology is becoming more accessible and gives us information on the positive outcomes. An additional article titled, “Study: Emerging Technology Has Positive Impact in Classroom” by Ryan Lytle, talk about different people implementing technology into their teachings as well as the positive aspects for students education. The recent advances in technology have drastically affected many areas of society in positive ways. Technology plays a huge role in education because students benefit from it and use it daily to complete academic task. Because of technology is becoming more advanced in society, it's starting to open

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