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In this generation, technology has an impact on both adults and young kids. Having a technological device is now becoming the “must have” and the “cannot live without” for individuals. It is affecting the way people think and does things physically, emotionally, and socially. Richard Restak, who is a well-known clinical professor of neurology and author of approximately twenty books regarding the human brain, shows that every day the brain is constantly being affected. The brain is often affected by the amount of information that it is being forced to take mentally. In Restak chapter “Attention Deficit: The Brain Syndrome of Our Era” from the book The New Brain: How the Modern Age is Rewiring Your Mind, he goes into depth about how technology is affecting the brain’s functions. Parents and their children are already at risk with the impact that is being forced upon them every day both at home and at school environments. To balance the risks of technology, schools should require fewer tasks, parents should follow the same guidelines that they are preaching, and parents also must put restrictions on when their kid(s) should be able to use their device(s).
From a young age, children can encounter physical risks that are often caused by the frequent use of technology, which is also causing long-term damage to their brain. Rowan observes, “The impact of rapidly advancing technology on the developing child has seen an increase of physical, psychological and [behavioral disorders] …” (Rowan). Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) are prime examples of disorders that are slowly becoming the norm for everyone in this generation, but many individuals do not realize that. ADD/ADHD is a behavior disorder that is difficult to overcome once the symptoms start to develop, especially for a child. Having ADD/ADHD are disorders can also be genetically inherited, which is something a parent should not want for them. As Restak states in his chapter, “Typically, the parents of a child diagnosed with the disorder will be found upon interview to exhibit many of the criteria for adult ADD/ADHD” (Restak 376). ADD/ADHD is not a disorder that comes out of the blue, this disorder has

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