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After recently reading your article, I began questioning the rapidly growing industry, of technology, which consumes a large majority of the population today. You make some strong, eye-opening points regarding the effect of technology on human interaction. In our modern world, our lives revolve around our devices, which have the potential to be utilized in every aspect of our lives, and many of us emphasize on that potential. Going out to eat is no longer just going out to eat, the whole experience can be enriched by ones iPhone. First, you place your reservation using Open Table, snap a shot of your meal to share with your Instagram followers, review the restaurant on Yelp, and finally call an Uber home. We do many of these things while failing to realize how consumed we are in our phones. Consequently, this results in living in the screen more than living in the moment. As you have stated this dependency on technology isolates us for two main reasons, by making it easier for us to survive without talking to one another and giving us compelling reasons not to interact with one another. I think you are associating two unconnected points, correlation does not mean causation. The potential of technology is unlimited, it allows us to expand our network globally, placing millions of opportunities at our fingertips, what we do with this potential is completely up to the individual.
We live in a smartphone obsessed culture. Research shows that the number of internet users has

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