Technology And Technology Essay

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Sims are the most dependent people in the world. Anything you say they do, or don’t do, because they rely on us to live. When I tell a Sim to eat they do, when I tell one to go to the bathroom they do, and when I tell them to stay up for three days straight talking to an alien they do. We all know at least one person like that.
It’s easy to depend on something because it makes our lives easier. I know this because my mom gives me food, and if she didn’t I would have to become a scavenger, or maybe just get a job. In the same sense, technology makes things easier so we begin to depend on it too. Using a computer is a heck of a lot easier than using a notebook to write an essay with at least three drafts. Using email to contact a teacher is a lot easier than waiting for the next day to ask a question.
Yes, technology is great for many things, like reducing paper use- I know I throw out half the papers I get in class- and can be a life saver for the slacker completing their homework the morning it’s due. My binder is full of papers I will never touch again and it’s barely the end of September. My classes already post documents on Google Classroom so why not cut out the middleman and stop printing the information sent to us by email. It would save paper and I wouldn’t be burdened with carrying all these unnecessary articles, modules, and worksheets. Not to mention the advancements of Google Docs. I have not only saved a ton of paper by using an online source for typing, but I

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