Technology And Technology Essay

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The second theme in this review is children and technology. This is a popular topic when looking at how technology fits in family dynamics the research is often focused on looking at its effects on children and adolescents. For adults, modern technology such as cell phones and laptops are a recent occurrence, however, for children technology is something they have grown up with and is something they come into contact with on a daily basis. Which is why it is so important to look at the research that will give us insight into the implications technology has on the younger generation.
A study performed by Sharkins Newton, Essa, Albaiz, Ernest, (2016) looked at children’s exposure to media, technology, and screen time. They examined one hundred and three people who responded to surveys from a head start center, university center, and autism integrated center. In the study it stated “that 29 % of children under the age of one watched approximately 90 min of TV or videos daily and 23 % of children had a TV in their bedroom.” This same exact study also proclaimed that cellphones, toys, and games that use technology increase learning and understanding of how things work. When young children saw their parents or older siblings using technology it peaked their interest in educational areas like reading. Technology can enhance a child’s understanding of what different symbols, pictures mean and give them the chance to be apart social community that can be extended outside of the home
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