Technology And Technology Essay

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Technology in Classrooms Technology has always been endlessly advancing due to the ambition of humans. It has been adapting to our lives since the early 1900s and up to this day, it still enhances our capabilities. For example, students use technology to its beneficial quality in involving student engagement and provides an easier , faster way of learning ,and preparing the students for the future.The use of technology in the educational field is beneficial because it engages students with academic abilities while utilizing the modern devices. Student engagement has increased throughout classrooms because technology allows us to use applications like google classroom, study island ,and kahoot. Google classroom for example, makes it easier and more efficient for students to turn in homework or any assignments , rather than having the student lose the work and fail. Google classroom allows the teacher to set due dates and time also allowing the teacher to visually see who turn it in and who did not. The student would have the prove that he or she did it. Study island is used for students to practice and support formative assessment strategies in the classroom. With a variety of different topics specifically from your daily classroom routine, you have the flexibility and depth needed to support student learning to repeatedly engage, monitor, and assess progress. Study island does include game mode making the testing area a bit more encouraging to do. The student would select

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