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‘Necessity is the mother of invention.’ Human beings have made do with their lot since time immemorial. Humanity has constantly tried to adapt to the world that it finds itself in, to conquer the environment in order to live more comfortable lives. Quite unlike the rest of the life forms that are present on earth, human beings have the distinction of having the capacity to create the most ingenuous ways of adapting and changing the environment to his favor-technology. Technology can be summed up as the use of non-human organisms, mechanisms or machinery to complete tasks at the command of the controlling individual.
Technology ultimately affects social relations (Ogburn, 1947). This essay will analyze the American society and discuss the impact of technology on its outlook. The point is to find out those means through which the advances of technology has shaped this great society and shifted how the truths in this society are perceived.
A Background of American Society Pre-industrialization
The industrial revolution and the agrarian revolution can be said to be single-handedly responsible for the technological advancement in the United States. When the European settlers came to strip the Native Indians of their heritage, what we all know as our home was a wild land that was not conquered by any man. Our settler ancestors themselves had a rudimentary knowledge of the operations of the universe. This was clearly seen in the way that they interpreted Christianity, the bane of

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