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Technology is a major influence on today’s society. One of the major problems is the distraction that comes along with technology usage while driving. There are many different technology advancements like, a cellphone, GPS, the internet, or even just the radio that distract people. Technology distractions are not experienced by a certain age group but everyone. Cell phone distraction is not just texting while driving but using the cellphone as a whole. Many people text and drive and don’t think about the consequences, or legal actions.

Technology has advanced in the last decade. People can now access the internet, facetime people, and navigate places all through just their cell phone. People are always finding ways to use
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There are stricter laws against new drivers that enforce not using a cellphone while driving. 32 states, plus D.C, have a law against new drivers and young adults from using their cell phones on the roads (The 25 Scariest Texting, Date Accessed 2017). Many people know what they’re doing is bad but still, choose to use their cellphone while driving. In 2011, 70% of drivers reported using their cell phones while driving (Past Statistics).

Cell phone distractions are not experienced by a specific age group but everybody. Adults always blame teenage kids that they were distracted by their cellphone when they get into a car accident, but the rolls are always switched when an adult gets into an accident and it is because of their phones. People forget that cellphones have many different usages and no matter how they are using it, it is still a distraction to them. 72 percent of those between 40-59 said they also use their phone while driving, tied with the percentage of those between 19-24 that admitted to doing so (Past Statistics). Distracted driving rates have increased as well as accident rates. Cellphones are one of the biggest distractions in today’s society. People are oblivious to the fact that they are putting others in danger when they are using their cell phone while driving.

Cell phone distractions are not just texting distractions but using a cellphone as a whole. Cell phones are a

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