Technology And Technology Essay

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As technology advances, many people think technology is ruining current generation distracting scholars from improving in school; however, technology is beneficial in the classroom because it has open new windows and opportunities for students and teachers; in addition, it makes teaching and learning more effective in the classroom. Moreover, technology has help students with their academics. For example, the use of technology improves student’s engagement, offers insight into the working area, and encourages individual learning. Students develop many useful life skills with the use of technology.
First of all, in a classroom, a teacher would appreciate if his/her students participated in the subject they are learning. Therefore, technology can improve a student’s engagement towards the topic, and making learning clear and understandable. For example, students who are involved with technology like computers, IPads, and internet are intended to be more interested in the topic they are studying, for technology can expand the learning process. Technology provides a variety of different ways to learn something new, making learning enjoyable, and fun. Significantly, sites that requires the student's attention like Kahoot, Quizzes, and google classroom. These online sites, create a social, enjoyable, game-like environment, and making learning a fun game. In addition, students can search for online tutorials to assist them on the subject. Being a force multiplier, technology

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