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“Technology is changing the way that we live our lives. With the advances in technology, we are enabled to complete more tasks in less time, and often times with less effort and more productivity. But with these abilities, our interactions with other people have drastically changed (The).” Communication is the act of exchanging thoughts and ideas. Through new developments in modern technology, the social lives of adults and kids have begun to drastically change. Technology has immensely changed beginning in the year 2000 to 2017. In 2000 the cell phone had been just a cell phone, for the sole purpose of calling. The invention of the cell phone made communication substantially easier, yet the capabilities of cell phones were not as extensive as they are today. Other options of communications in 2000 were using the desktop computer, blogging, and emailing. Parents and kids in 2000 had limited access to ways of communication. Communication technology in 2000 did not have the capabilities to connect everyone to immediate communication right away. In 2000 to investigate how involved communication technology was in the social lives of kids in 2000 there was a project that measured how “internet use” affects social lives of kids. The project, HomeNetToo watched several families with 140 kids, and were able to see that kids spent about 30 minutes a day using the internet logging in once a day (Jackson). The HomeNetToo experiment also showed that kids send less than 1 email a

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