Technology And Technology Essay

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Technology has become a huge topic in today’s century, it has brought both negative and positive questions in mind. The biggest question that people ask themselves is whether all those new gadgets they possess benefit or damage their families at the end. In other words, technology has become a part in the lives of families in the past century or so, it has made it easier to find information by using their fingertips and keep in close contact with relatives living in other countries. New technology was created for entertainment and usefulness in people’s lives, such as televisions, tablets, phones, and so on. This essay will discuss both the positive and negative impacts technology has created, as well as to how helpful it is within families. One way that technology has become helpful in families, is that it has given a variety of ways to help keep track of one’s health. There have been multiple occasions that technology has been useful in families by helping them find a way to improve their health. Fassnacht, Ali, Silva, Goncalves, and Machado (2015) have recently done a study where they analyzed that text messaging can help maintain a child physically active to improve their health. Families have seen technology as useful in helping their children maintain a healthy and balanced life using messages. In which, children join a program and are asked questions through messages about their activities done throughout the day or to send reminders about the types of foods they

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