Technology And Technology Essay

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If technology continues to influence and shape our brains in the future, then at the end of the life will we be the same person? With the introduction of new technologies in the society, the human mind is constantly changing and adapting to the changes. Today people are becoming more and more addicted to technological devices that their thinking ability is deteriorating. Human minds are continually relying on an electrical device. As a result, it is becoming hard for people to use their own mind. Remembering an important date or information will soon start to disappear as people will lose their memorizing ability. People have become so reliant on technology that it becomes hard for them to focus on simple tasks and the small things that life has to offer.
As technology is becoming an important part of society, the thinking ability of people is starting to diminish. There was a time when people enjoyed reading a book. Whereas, in today’s society it has become difficult for individuals to read a long text and understand its meaning. Nicholas Carr, a well-known author on technology writes that his mind is changing and reading “has become a struggle for him”(Carr 92). Carr loves to read books. But, eventually, it becomes difficult for him to concentrate on reading a long text since he is always being distracted by the internet and the urge to check messages on his phone. As a result, he is not able to imagine and think creatively of the context that he is reading. Carr is not

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