Technology And Technology

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How does technology affect our society? In “Technology use and learning characteristics of students in higher education: Do generational differences exist?” Kwok-Wing Lai and Kian-Sam Hong discuss the impact of technology and how it continues to grow and thrive in our society; however, it constructs a complicated part of young people’s lives that the current generation of students has a different approach of thinking and learning from their predecessors. For example, Lai states “In 2009, 8-18 year olds spend an average of four and a half hours daily utilizing technology digital technologies out of school” (Lai 725). Lai argues technology experiences will definitely affect the approach an educator communicates, socializes, and learns. Since Lai utilizes credible evidence, his argument is credible. Furthermore, he was able to successfully ignite his readers. Technology can produce both a negative and positive impact the way a student learns; however, if technology is excluded in higher education, it can become a negative impact on student success.
Although Technology can be a negative impact, technology use among adult literacy students have positive outcomes. For example, in Karen L. Milhelm’s article “Influence of Technology on Informal Learning”, Milhelm states “The Computer, Internet, and other forms of
Martin 2 technology are shaping literacy activities beyond what is learned in the classroom”… “Literacy programs have already taken steps to utilize technology tools in a
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