Technology And Technology

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I, like countless other children in recent years, grew up alongside technology from a young age. Video games and the internet became ingrained into my life and have absolutely shaped the person I am now. They are an integral part of who I am and how I have developed as a person over the course of my life. While I cannot say that it has only been a positive change, technology has influenced my goals, desires, and personality as I have grown. My first interactions with technology come from some of my earliest childhood memories, when I was not even four years old, playing Super Mario on my Nintendo 64 that my aunt gifted me. As I was a fairly introverted child I would spend considerably more time on solitary creative outlets instead of spending time with friends, especially gaming. Not my only pastime, but certainly a memorable one, exploring virtual worlds and being fascinated by the creativity of it all. I did not just love the challenge of playing a game, but the freedom of what you can do with a game. They are truly an amazing art form that can express ideas and create stories in ways that no others can. That impression stuck with me and fueled my interest in games and my dreams to create my own games. Although, my dreams were not able to come to fruition until much later in my life when I was introduced to the internet. I never regularly used the internet until I got my first PC. I remember getting it for Christmas when I was about 12 years old. It was a custom PC, but
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