Technology And Technology

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I was able to take a break from technology for a majority of the 24 hours, however there were some cases that I had to use technology. I tried to go a whole 24 hours without using technologies like my cell phone, television, computer, anything that requires electricity. I decided to do this project with some kinds of justifications, like I could use my car because I needed to use my car throughout the day or I could use my microwave and refrigerator to be able to make myself food. I decided to stay away from my cell phone because that is the single most used technology in my life and I was curious to how much of my time I spent on my phone. Also, my computer is another one of my most used technologies, however I did have to use it once throughout the duration so that I may be able to do my homework. Lastly is my television, I watch a ton of movies and Netflix when I decide to not be on my phone or computer but also can be one of my most used devices. I also took some notes throughout the duration of this experiment, I talked about where I was at, what I was doing, and my general mood. For a majority of my notes I was sitting at home not doing very much, my first note was about me being bored out of my mind and playing with my cat. Around the first, I instantly noticed the impact that not being on my phone or any technology has on my everyday life. This was the same case for about most of my notes, I also started to read a book while I didn’t use technology. I started
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