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There is nothing else like the internet that can bring social evolution, and it has reshaped our life deeply during these two decades. The millennials are called net generation because they grow up in an environment that is constantly exposed to computer-exposed technology. The internet infiltrates into almost every aspect of the social life, and the digital technology will continue to change society in the next decade in the area of artificial intelligence. It remains unclear for the future of these changes on human beings. Some people greet this development, others may think it will lead to dire consequences. It is true that the Internet promotes social change in terms of altering the way of communication. However, This essay will argue that the internet is the most significant technology that hinders social progress in terms of culture, human behavior and human right. The development of the internet It is called internet society since the 1990s, and it was formed officially in 1992 by Vint Cerf and Bob Kahn, these two people intended to provide a corporate structure to support the Internet standards development progress (Scoles 2015). Then, the Internet is developed to be a worldwide system, it uses Internet protocol suite (TCP/IP) to connect computer network, which consists of public, academic, and government networks from local to global scope. It could allow certain systems to exchange data and carry a range of services, such as file sharing, the application of
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