Technology And Technology

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Technology has been advancing ever since the stone ages, from stone carving to now we can buy just about anything with a push of a button, we can look for jobs or opportunities for ourselves instead of looking in the newspaper, and we can follow the news with it’s updates instead of watching t.v. Social media has been changing our way of thinking, communicating and living, for it makes our lives easier. Every since google has been invented we have found ways to find to different perspectives from other people. We can find easier ways to find facts and detail about the things we can research about. People have shared stories around the world. “Users are able to get a peek of what life in other cities, states, and countries is like.” (Audrey WIllis). We are able to see and enjoy what others are seeing. Whenever we want to check our email or when they are texting it is right in our pockets. We have taught ourselves how to multitask while we are able to do out everyday activities. However it is also easy to get out of task. Teens especially are affected because making friends is a major part of growing up. When these major events are taking places and they are arguing and are texting, they aren't actually arguing because the conversation isn't happening in real time. It is easier to say what they want because they aren't face to face. “It´s easier to keep your guard up when you're texting. Soo less is at stake.” (Rachel Ehmke). Not only is this affected kids but adults as
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