Technology And Technology For Us And Taking Away Jobs

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As we make our way through the twenty first century, it’s hard to not be amazed when looking at how far we have come. The world’s population has put countless amounts of hours into advancing our technology and shaping the future that we live in. When we think about the word “Technology” our first thoughts are usually related to smart phones, computers and maybe cars, but I’m here to tell you there is so much more that fits into this field. In the time that we are currently living, we are progressing at rates that we never thought we would see. We have made it to a point where technology is building newer technology for us and taking away jobs from people. Technology isn’t always a good thing, it may be interesting but it’s also scary to…show more content…
This is very true when talking about technology. But let’s not get held up on the actual hardware of our mini computers before we appreciate what we have accomplished in the software division of technology. Software is changing and growing just as fast, if not faster than actual hardware. Software includes anything from Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat to Photoshop, Microsoft Word, and the Operating Systems (OS) on our computers and phones. Software is so intricate and amazing. We don’t appreciate enough the things that companies provide for us through their applications. For example, when looking for entertainment, its always fun to go on Snapchat is use its fecal recognition feature to apply silly filters to our face. But have you ever thought of how much technology and coding went into creating such a crazy feature? According to PetaPixal, “Snapchat’s filters are the brainchild of a Ukrainian startup called Looksery, which Snapchat acquired for a record-setting $150M. At the most basic level, the app uses computer vision to spot you based on contrast patterns typically seen in and around a human face.” But to understand how it finds features like your lip lines and eyes, we’ll have to dig a little further. To get more information like that, Snapchat trained the program by using thousands of manually marked pictures of people’s faces to show the lip line and eyes of humans faces. After that, the program was able to generate a mesh
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