Technology And Technology In 1984

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In 1949, George Orwell predicted a futuristic society in which technology governed, shaped, and changed the everyday life of millions of people. In his novel 1984, Orwell attempts to warn us of the role technology has begun to play in our daily lives. The constant use of telescreens, which can never be completely turned off, has led to a decrease in the people’s capability to think for themselves and their memories of the past (Orwell 2). Because of the increase in machinery, the thoughts of citizens of Oceania thoughts are being simplified and they are blindly following the leadership of the tyrannical government that is altering society. Today, in 2017, George Orwell’s novel is beginning to become a reality. The most striking similarity between today’s world and the fictitious world of Orwell’s is the obsession with technology: phones, computers, flat screens, tablets, and even the internet. Just as everyone in the novel has a telescreen, the majority of people in our generation own some kind of technological device. By being continually surrounded by high tech machinery, it is difficult to imagine life without it. But is Orwell’s dystopian society really being reflected in the modern world? Some people claim that this scientific advancement has opened new doors to originality and new ways of thinking. However, this viewpoint ignores the reality that more than half of human beings are becoming less intelligent and creative. Instead of advancing society, our obsession
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