Technology And Technology In Aldous Huxley's Brave New World

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Technology is the core of how we live our lives, and it has played a crucial part in the evolution of our world. Society functions because of technology, it makes necessities such as transportation and communication more accessible. Aldous Huxley’s inspiration for his novel, Brave New World stemmed from the technological and scientific innovations, as well as the historical events that occurred during the 1920s. In the 1920s there were many economic issues; these issues eventually led the world to the beginning stages of a world-wide depression (“Historical Context: Brave New World” 62). “The American stock market crash of 1929 had closed banks, wiped out many people’s savings, and caused unemployment rates to soar” (62). Unqualified laborers often worked long hours under unsafe conditions without overtime payment (62). People everywhere were in desperate need of a stabilized and secure economy in their society (62). They began to buy “other items on credit, fueling the economy by engaging in overspending and taking on debt” (62). Workers fulfilled their duties and bought “more material goods to keep the economy rolling” so much so that they started throwing away old clothes rather than fixing them (63). In spite of the economic issues, innovators discovered new types of technology that would help restore stability to the world (62). Henry Ford was an innovator who revolutionized technology and used it as a method of restoring stability to the world (Moss and Wilson 44).
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