Technology And Technology In Law Enforcement

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Abstract – Technology has affected all aspects of everyday life and has changed vastly over time. This can even be said with law enforcement. Technology can be used to intercept phone calls, protect officers, and provide surveillance to help find criminals. This can be a good thing, to an extent. But when will all this security and protection of privacy become too much, where instead of protecting innocent people, their lives and rights are violated. This paper will talk about the history in technology in law enforcement, examples of technology that are seen as high privacy risks, how it may affect people’s privacy and security rights, and when that may become too much.
Index Terms - body cameras, drone use, privacy, stingray towers, technology in law enforcement
Technology, in all aspects, is created to help make people’s lives better and more efficient and is not usually meant to harm innocent bystanders. But sometimes, when used for their intended purpose, it can inadvertently violate uninvolved targets’ rights putting their personal information, privacy, and security at risk. When people rely on technology too much, it might do more harm than good.

The evolution of police technology is typically divided into 3 major eras: the Political Era (1800’s – early 1900’s), the Professional Model (1920’s – 1980’s), and the Community Policing Era (1980’s – current) [1]. Each era represents an advancement in technology [1].
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