Technology And Technology

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Currently, technology plays a significant role in life. In today’s society, children are exposed to technology everywhere. Technology is in homes, offices and schools and is full of stimuli and requires paying attention to many different things at once (Dhruvin, 2017). Technology includes smart phones, television, laptops and tablets. Some parents have given their kids iPads or smartphones for entertainment at some point. Early childhood educators are trying to see if the use of technology in schools influences children's cognitive, physical and social skills in early childhood development.
The exposure of beneficial media to toddlers with developing minds is important to cognitive development. Cognitive development is how children think and reason. Cognitive development in early childhood relates to skills for reading comprehension and numbers. Research says that early years play an important role in brain development for babies, and it is when babies start to acquire information around them and make connections between them. So it is important to expose children to educational media. In Piaget’s theory, it shows how children construct knowledge through experiences. According to Piaget, toddlers enter the Preoperational stage which is where children built on skills they learned in schools or homes. There are increasing number of technology devices in schools and homes. That is why exposing children to technology is important to discuss. The advantages for
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