Technology And Technology

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Everywhere I go I witness toddlers and small children with their faces in their tablets and smartphones. When the children arrive at home, they are back into their devices. When it is time for bed, the kids are watching videos or playing games until they eventually fall asleep. This behavior becomes the norm creating a pattern for children. If they do not have anything to occupy their time, then the parents will put a device in their hands. Technology can be a great learning tool, but parents really should limit their usage.
I am not one to say technology usage should be cut out completely, and that it is destroying our youth. I am also not of those annoying parents who wants to restrict computers because it is a piece of junk with no real substance. I am just an average college student who is in front of a screen more than the next guy. I personally know the effects of too much screen time. Too much screen time leads to obese kids. “Childhood obesity has more than doubled in children and quadrupled in adolescents in the past 30 years” ). Says ___ How does screen time lead to childhood obesity? “Sitting and watching a screen is time that is not spent being physically active” (Kaneshiro).…
Kaneshiro also mentions that “TV commercials and other screen ads can teach children to make less healthy food choices. Most of the time, the food in ads aimed kids is high in sugar, salt, or fats. It is not nutritious” (Kaneshiro). Parents should grab their kids out of the room and get
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