Technology And Technology

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The different views expressed by the people I interviewed, Carol, 72, and Annie, 16, express just how much adolescents have changed throughout the last century. The differences in today’s adolescents and the adolescents of the past has much to do with technology. Most adolescents from sixty to seventy years ago view today’s adolescents in a harsh and critical light. The worlds of today’s adolescents and that of adolescents from sixty to seventy years ago are extremely different and their views of that world, both modern and historical, are as well. Technology was something both Annie and Carol expressed as a large factor in the lifestyles of adolescents both today and in the past. Carol believes technology is abused by modern adolescents and also believes it is not beneficial for said adolescents to use as much as they do. Additionally, Annie believes technology is the main difference between modern adolescents and those of the past as well. She also believes technology has come to a point where it has become overused. Carol’s view is one that seems to be commonly expressed by older generations involving modern adolescents and technology. This view is mostly true, a fact which can be inferred from Annie’s viewpoint on the topic. The views of older generations against modern adolescents are usually harsh and disapproving. Carol views modern teens as less polite, less responsible, and of having little work ethic. Carol tied her views to technology, claiming it makes less
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