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Many people have different experiences and ideas with and about computers, dependent on a variety of factors, including age and how far technology had advanced at certain points in their life. Some people are exposed to computers in the form of smart phones from birth, while others were born years before desktop computers even became standard household electronics. Most people are somewhere in the middle of those two. However, I was one of the people who was born prior to household computers and phones that did more than just make phone calls. I was around the age of seven when my family first received a home computer. My sister’s father had gotten it for her as a Christmas gift. I remember the awful dial-up connection sound and the agony of waiting so long for it to connect to the internet. Also, I remember the terrible static sound when you picked up the house phone to make a call, but someone was on the internet. It was a large off-white colored monitor. Not that the screen was large, but that the areas around and behind the screen were large, along with the large tower monitor that accompanied it. The first thing me and my sisters did was setup an email account, which proved to be pointless because nearly none of my friends had them. The second thing we did was setup accounts on, a website that allowed us to own virtual pets, connect with other users, and play games online within the Neopets community. However, the first game we had for
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