Technology And Technology

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When looking back on human history, it becomes clear that technological advancements will inevitably lead to changes in some aspects of society. Although some inventions can cause more harm than good and should thus not be used, society should embrace the inventions with benefits that will significantly outweigh any potential disadvantages. One specific aspect of society that has been influenced by technological innovations has been our communication via writing. From marks on clay tablets to ink on paper to pixels on screens, writing has had to continually adapt to new mediums throughout its five-millennia-old history due to inventions such as the quill and ink, the printing press, and computers. Due to the decline of newspapers, some people believe that society may be at risk of losing the written word. However, this is not the case at all; by providing a new instrument for writing, the age of electronic communication will extend the lifespan of writing. The reason why writing was created in 3200 BC was due to humanity’s necessity to record information and communicate (Mark). Humanity’s need for writing can easily be seen by the fact that multiple writing systems were independently developed in three different places – cuneiform script was developed in 3200 BC in Mesopotamia, oracle bone script in 1200 BC in China, and multiple writing systems in 300 BC in Mesoamerica. Since its creation five millennia ago, writing has persistently adapted to become the form that most
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